Other Peoples Shoes - 10 Mile Mission

The Brief

The brief was to select an issue within a 10 mile radius of yourself and make a graphic response as a solution to the problem found, whilst putting yourself in somebody else's shoes.

My Response

The problem I chose was stress, anger and anxiety within Swansea. I began to look at small businesses in Swansea that are helping this issue and found 'Destruction Time', a rage room situated within Swansea. I met with the owner 'Declan' who created the company, who also had a touching and detailed story of how he began his company and how it helped his stress and anger. I put myself into Declan's shoes and understood his story and how he is helping others to take out their stress, anger, and anxiety in the rage rooms. My graphical response was to create a book of Declan's story with illustrative elements, using my own photos of me testing out the rage rooms myself, as well as text of the story of his life and the story of his company. The solution I found to the people of Swanseas stress and anger was Declan's company, which allow people a safe space to take out their stress. An Alternative Therapy which could be 'prescribed' to people by doctors, councillors, or police to send people to a fun environment and safe space where they can take their anger out instead of it being in a public setting.


Photos Taken by Rachael May Williams 

Instagram: @maybephotographyuk