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The Bee's Needs

The Brief

After researching local beekeeping I found that they were difficult to locate and gave myself the brief of creating a website that shows where you can find your local beekeeper, which will both encourage and educate the public to support their local beekeepers, and also to bring the beekeeping community together through an online forum/website.

My Response

I have created a website which local beekeepers can add their location onto and will allow members of the public to search and find where they are situated. I have shown how people can support their local beekeepers (after finding their location) without getting into beekeeping themselves. I have also included 'The Buzz' which will constantly update with news about bees to keep people updated with recent news on the topic. As well as these elements there is an option to state if you are a beekeeper or interested in starting up, if starting up you will be paired in a buddy system with an experienced beekeeper whom you can contact for advice. If you are already a beekeeper you will be able to talk to other beekeepers and swap advice and experiences, this will allow the bee community to become more connected.

honey drips.png
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