Dipped by CC

DbCC Logo Purple Background.png

The Brief

The brief was to rebrand Dipped By CC and produce new branding material to enhance their social media presence. 

My Response

Dipped by CC needed new branding that would reflect their small business and showcases what they do. They are a small instagram business that produces treats and baked goods, predominantly dipped strawberries, this lead to the main idea for the logo. Alongside this is what essential to create a memorable brand with a consistent colour scheme to set Dipped By CC apart from others. 

Social Media Posts

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Filler Post 1.jpg

Business and Loyalty Card

Business Card DBCC Mockup 1.png
Business Card DBCC Mockup 2.png

Instagram Highlights

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DbCC Strawb Highlight 3.jpg
DbCC Strawb Highlight 2.jpg
DbCC Strawb Highlight 1.jpg
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Social Media Templates

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DBCC - Template.jpg
DBCC - Template4.jpg
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