The Beauty of Sustainability


The Brief

The brief was to create an A5 book centering around sustainability, the topic to be paired with sustainability was to be decided by the designer.

My Response

Firstly I looked at my interests, the biggest being makeup and cosmetics, and based by book around this topic. Conducting further research I found the company 100% PURE, who are a sustainable company that creates beauty products using all natural resources, everything that they create is 100% pure including packaging, methods, and products. My approach to this was a minimalistic design that uses three colours to break up each section of the book. I also included illustrations that had an offset outline. 

Upon Completion of this project 100% PURE reached out for copies of the book. Some books are now in California with the brand which was a great achievement within the second year of my degree.

Laura Jones - Sustainability Book mockup
sustainability mockup 1.png
sustainability mockup 3.png
sustainability mockup 4.png
sustainability mockup 2.png
sustainability mockup 5.png